Welcome to the outreach portion of Rachel Rae's mission and goal she founded called, "The Sisterly Love Connection". Rachel Rae is heavily involved with mentoring and guiding women of all ages and backgrounds naturally, mentally and spiritually. She spends  every week at Women's Shelters and holds monthly group sessions sponsored by her local church to give women hope, encouragement and assist them to walk in their purpose.  Rachel Rae's goal is that women will be healed inside and out and feel better about themselves so that they can be better for others. By being apart of "The Sisterly Love Connection" you are invited to attend, bring talents that you may want to teach or share and volunteer for seminars and functions. There will be donations of gently used Clothing, Accessories, Make-up and more for underprivileged women. 

"Where we are, "Sisters Saving Souls"!!

Visit www.slconnection.yolasite.com

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